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McClain County Mass Notification System by Everbridge

The McClain County Mass Notification System by Everbridge is the primary system used by McClain County and the communities of Blanchard, Byars, Cole, Dibble, Goldsby, Rosedale, Washington, and Wayne.  This service is provided for free to residents of McClain County and is paid for by the participating communities, McClain County, and the McClain County 1/2 cent sales tax.   While the communities of Purcell and Newcastle do not participate, meaning they do not use the system to send alerts as they have their own system, residents of both communities are welcome to sign up and receive free weather alerts and county or other community alerts free of charge.

The system provides automated weather alerts based on location and allows the communities to send map based alerts that impact a specific area.  Your address is required to receive weather and map based alerts.  You may have up to 5 addresses in the system to be monitored.  The alerts are based on the address given and will not follow your cell phone.  Each member of your household can have their own account so each of you only receive the alerts and information you choose.

This system also comes with an app that allows you to view your alerts, change your settings, and in some instances provide photos and information to the community that sent the alert.  For example, after a disaster the county may request photos of damages.  Those with the app would be able to share those directly through the app.  This app should not be confused with the “McClain County Emergency Management Preparedness and Recovery App” which is a different app altogether and has different capabilities and resources.  Click for more information on the McClain County Emergency Management Preparedness and Recovery App.

Please note that the additional information requested when you register is NOT required but is helpful to emergency services as they plan response to a disaster.

Lightning and hail alerts are very frequent and may result in more notifications than you really want.  They are best used by turning them on when you are going to be outdoors and turning them off when you go back in.  To turn your alerts on and off simply log in on your computer or the Everbridge app and check them to turn on and uncheck them to turn off.

Please use the links below to register for the system and to find the Everbridge app.  When selecting your subscriptions please be aware that each category will have subcategories below it.  Be sure to expand all so you select only the alerts you want.




Please use the links below to register for the system and to find the Everbridge app.

Use this link to register for an account or to log in to an existing account to make changes McClain County Mass Notification System

Find the Everbridge App for Apple devices

Find the Everbridge App for Android devices

If you ever need assistance in making adjustments to your account you can call 405-955-4600 or send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.

This service is only available to residents and businesses located within McClain County Oklahoma.  If your home or business is located outside of McClain County you are encouraged to contact local emergency management to find out if there is a system for your community.  Many communities have systems or some way of communicating with their citizens.  While you can get weather and other information from various sources, your local mass notification system is always the best way for your local officials to communicate with you.