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Permits & Applications

Building & Development Permits

Please use the PDF below to find contact information and what office to contact to meet your needs.

Permitting_Address Process_Contacts_JAN 2018

It is required that you provide the latitude and longitude for your development on your permit application.  The Floodplain Administrator will need the latitude and longitude for your home or primary structure for your development.  There are many apps for smart phones and devices that allow you to get the latitude and longitude for your location.  You can also retrieve the latitude and longitude from Google Maps.  Please use the link for a Google Map of McClain County and use the Finding the latitude and longitude for your location on Google Maps PDF to assist you in finding the latitude and longitude for your location.

Finding the latitude and longitude on Google Maps

Google Map – McClain County

All PDF applications should be sent to the Floodplain Administrator via email at please put permit application in the subject line.  Questions for the administrator can be sent to the same email address.  Applications can also be mailed to 102 E Center Road, Goldsby, OK 73093, but for fastest service please email your application.


The electronic forms are currently unavailable.  Please download the PDF application and submit it via email.


Application for Permit to Develop In an Unincorporated area of McClain County – download PDF and send via email Permit Application_SEP 2017

This is the basic application for a permit to cover any development within the unincorporated area of the county. Download the application and complete it on your computer, then save the document and attach it to an email. IF there is a chance that the area is also in a floodplain, you will need to complete a permit application for floodplain development, as well.


Permit Application to develop in a Floodplain – download PDF and send via email 5F_ApplicationFloodplainDEVELOPMENT
If there’s a chance you’re in or near a floodplain, you will need to complete this form, in addition to the above application, and submit to our office.


Road Connection Application – download PDF and send via email 2_Road_Application2016
If your development requires the creation or modification of a drive that attaches to a county road, you will need to complete this form.




You may wish to obtain the services of a registered surveyor or hydrologist. The companies on the list supplied here have successfully calculated Base Flood Elevations (BFE’s) on sites within the county for clients. McClain County can recommend no particular company, but only make this list available for your convenience.


Road Crossing Applications

All pertinent information on the application will need to be filled out, signed and notarized, attach a detailed map of the area and a certificate of insurance.  A check will need to be issued to McClain County in the amount of $500.00. Select the form below that you would like to download, print it, complete it and enclose it in the mail with your check.

Mail to:

McClain County
PO Box 629
Purcell OK  73080

or drop off at:

McClain County Courthouse
Commissioners Office, 3rd Floor – Suite 305
121 North 2nd, Purcell OK  73080

Once it is received, it will go in through the next Monday’s Commissioners meeting to be requested to be approved, if approved a copy will be mailed to the address you provide on the application.  For any further questions, please feel free to contact the County Commissioner in the district your road crossing will be pertaining to.

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