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McClain County July 2017 Safe Room Grant Application

McClain County does currently have an application pending to do a safe room rebate project. At this time, the grant has been approved by the state and waiting on approval from FEMA.  FEMA is still waiting on some of the review letters before they approve the grant. Anyone who’s property has not passed the review process will receive a call from McClain County Emergency Management.

Applications for the July 2017 safe room grant application were accepted through July of 2017.  Meetings to kickoff the project were held in Goldsby & Wayne on July 18th & 19th and a conference call meeting was held on July 26th.

If you applied for participation in the grant in July 2017 you will be notified through the mass notification system once we receive approval and when the drawing will be held.  McClain County will then do a drawing from all applicants for the project to install the number of safe room’s applied for.  Those who are not selected in the drawing will serve as alternates in case any of those selected drop out of the project.  If alternates are needed the county will draw the names from all applicants.  All applicants that do not get to participate in this project will be rolled over into the next project.

For more general information on safe room rebates visit our post FEMA Safe Room Rebates – General Information on this website.  For information on safe rooms visit FEMA’s Safe Room Resources page.