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Our Mission

To heighten awareness through planning, preparation, and communications between citizens, business, and government, for the protection of the community and environment resulting from a disaster or hazardous event.

Who We Are

The McClain County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a non-profit community organization composed of police, fire, and medical emergency response personnel, industry and environmental representatives, news media, and interested citizens of McClain, and surrounding, counties.  LEPC/ Citizens’ Corps members work together to develop plans to educate, communicate, and protect our local community in case of a chemical release or other emergency or disaster.

The McClain County LEPC/Citizens’ Corps normally meets the second Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. Our meeting location rotates between the Purcell Multi-Purpose Building (or Fire Station), Goldsby Community Center, Newcastle Storm Shelter, Blanchard City Hall, and the Mid-America Technology Center in Wayne.  Check our schedule for current location.  The meeting is open to everyone that is interested in emergency planning in Oklahoma County.

McClain County LEPC Officers

Kristi Smith

Michelle Lambert

Beverly Bymun

Kevin Rhoads

McClain County Emergency Manager
Ron Johnson

Contact Information

(405) 288-2064

To report an emergency or chemical spill please call 911

Postal address
102 E. Center Rd., Goldsby, OK 73093