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McClain County Clerk

McClain County Clerk – Pam Beller


The office of County Clerk is a Constitutional office. The duties of the County Clerk are governed by Oklahoma Statutes which include record keeping for the County, financial administration and secretarial duties to various boards and commissions.


Mailing Address: PO Box 629, Purcell OK 73080
Physical Address: 121 North 2nd Avenue, Purcell OK 73080
Land Records: 405/527-3360
Bookkeeping : 405/ 527-3117

~ County Clerk Staff ~

Land Records: Suite 303

Kim Ellis – Land Records Deputy
Sandra Shobe – Land Records Deputy
Melissa Mills – Land Records Deputy

Bookkeeping, Suite 305

Rebekah Couch – Payroll Clerk
Jan Curry – Purchasing Agent
Lisa Renbarger – Insurance/Retirement Coordinator

Office Hours:
8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Additional Information

The County Clerks office is on the 3rd floor of the McClain County Courthouse, 121 North 2nd Avenue, Purcell, OK. Our land records department is located in Suite 303 and for any questions please call 405/527-3360. The County Clerks office is a recording office, we receive, record and store the public instruments/documents submitted, such as Warranty Deeds, Mortgages, Oil & Gas Leases, etc., as well as have them accessible to the public. Recording fees are $13.00 for the first page ($8.00 recording + $5.00 preservation) and $2.00 each additional page thereafter per instrument/document).

You may also view, to search, view and print land records online.

Each instrument/document must conform or fees are a higher rate of $25.00 for the first page, $10.00 each additional page and $5.00 for preservation. These fees are pursuant to 28 O.S. 2011 32 County Clerk – Fees and apply to all 77 counties within Oklahoma.

The County Clerk’s records such as indexes and recording books are kept up to date to the previous working day. If copies of indexes are needed please maintain an up to date notarized affidavit on file with our office for the request to be fulfilled, we do our best to be efficient in getting these request out as soon as we can but ask that you be patient with us as some days can be quite busier than others.

Due to the overwhelming amount of insufficient checks given to our office we no longer accept checks for copies or indexes and will only accept money orders, cashier’s checks or cash and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Title 28 Ā§32 County Clerk – Fees

A. Notwithstanding any other provision of law county clerks shall charge and collect the following flat fees to be uniform throughout the state regardless of the recording method used and the county clerks shall not be required to itemize or charge these fees pursuant to any other schedule, except as specifically provided by law:

1. For recording the first page of deeds, mortgages and any other instruments not subject to the fee imposed by Section 1-9-525 of Title 12 of the Oklahoma Statutes – $8.00

2. For recording each additional page of same instrument – $2.00

3. For furnishing hard copies of microfilmed records to bonded abstractors only, per page – $1.00

4. For furnishing photographic copies of photographic records, or if typewritten script or printed records, per page – $1.00

5. For recording plat of one block or less – $10.00

6. For recording plat of more than one block – $25.00

7. For certifying to any copy per page – $1.00

8. For recording an assignment of Tax Sale Certificate to be paid by the party purchasing – $5.00

9. For recording of any mark or brand and giving certificate for same – $5.00

10. For recording each certificate for estrays and forwarding description of same, as required by law – $1.00

11. a. For recording and filing of mechanics’ or materialmen’s liens which includes the release thereof – $10.00

B. For preparing and mailing notice of mechanic’s or materialmen’s lien – $8.00 plus the actual cost of postage

C. For each additional page or exhibit – $2.00

12. For recording and filing of fictitious name partnership certificates $5.00

13. For recording the first page of deeds, mortgages and any other instruments which are nonconforming pursuant to subsection C of Section 298 of Title 19 of the Oklahoma Statutes – $25.00

14. For recording each additional page of an instrument which is nonconforming pursuant to subsection C of Section 298 of Title 19 of the 0klahoma StatutesĀ  – $10.00

D. The fees prescribed in paragraph 4 of subsection A of this section shall be deposited into the County Clerk’s Lien Fee Account, created pursuant to Section 265 of Title 19 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

For the purpose of preserving, maintaining and archiving recorded instruments including, but not limited to, records management, records preservation, automation, modernization and related lawful expenditures, in addition to all other fees required by law, the county clerk shall collect Five Dollars ($5.00) for each instrument recorded with the Registrar of Deeds.

There is hereby created a fund to be known as the “County Clerk’s Records Management and Preservation Fund”. The fund shall be a continuing fund, not subject to fiscal year limitations and shall consist of the fees and monies accruing to the fund, as prescribed in subsection C of this section with all monies accruing to the fund to be expended by the clerk and not transferred n any other fund. The intent of this section is to increase the net funding level available to the county clerk to maintain and preserve public records.

The fees and costs prescribed in this section shall not apply to child support enforcement offices operated by or on behalf of the Department of Human Services Child Support Enforcement Division. County Clerks shall not charge any fees or costs to such offices, the Division or the Department.