Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management is here to help you be prepare for, respond to, or recover from emergencies or disasters.

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National Weather Service, Norman has updated parameters for Heat Advisories.

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NOTE: McCART (McClain County Animal Response Team) is a registered trademark of McClain County Emergency Management.

McClain County Safe Room Rebate Program

Application for Safe Room Rebate Program, 2011, is now closed.  The FEMA grant has been approved, and recipients notified.

We have been informed that there is an inadequate number of NSSA members in the state. Here is what you will need to do when you locate a vendor, NSSA or not:

  1. The vendor will need to provide you an engineer drawing of the safe room that shows it meets or exceeds FEMA 320/361.
  2. You must have a contract signed by both the vendor and homeowner. Contract must be for purchase and installation.
  3. You must have the certificate provided in your packet that is signed and notarized by your vendor that both the safe room and installation meet or exceed FEMA 320/361.
  4. You will need to provide proof of purchase which will include a receipt for purchase and installation, and either a copy of a processed check front and back, or a copy of a credit card receipt.


Resources for Business

View in FEMA Multimedia Library

Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business, FEMA 320

Design & Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms, FEMA 361

Agriculture Assistance as Result of Drought

USDA Farm Service Agency web site Information on assistance for livestock producers and farmers due to drought/wildfires. Click here

McClain County Farm Service Agency contact information: click here


FEMA Individual Assistance

Although there was considerable tree and property damage to private property during the last ice storm, FEMA did not allow for Individual Assistance for that event. In order for FEMA to provide IA to a state or county, there must be a minimum value of loss within the affected area. Only damage to the primary residence is considered in the calculation for the IA damage, which is why there was not adequate damage to individual residences to qualify for FEMA assistance.

For those who do not have the physical ability to remove downed limbs, you may wish to contact your local volunteer organizations for assistance. Some organizations, such as churches and boy scout groups, may be able to assist you in the debris cleanup.

REMEMBER:  It is not legal to burn debris in a floodplain or in a ravine/stream channel that leads to a floodplain.