Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management is here to help you be prepare for, respond to, or recover from emergencies or disasters.

102 E. Center Rd., Goldsby, OK 73093
Phone: 405.288.2064

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Sign up for McClain County Mass Call-Out System.  Receive general and emergency information that may affect you and your family. Click here

(This service is available only to residents of McClain County and to those who are employed by the county, or volunteer for our citizens).


Earthquake Notifications

Resources for Response, Recovery, Preparation, Mitigation

FireWise “How To” Newsletter


Resources for Business

View in FEMA Multimedia Library

Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business, FEMA 320

Design & Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms, FEMA 361

Agriculture Assistance as Result of Drought

USDA Farm Service Agency web site Information on assistance for livestock producers and farmers due to drought/wildfires. Click here

McClain County Farm Service Agency contact information: click here



REMEMBER:  It is not legal to burn debris in a floodplain or in a ravine/stream channel that leads to a floodplain.