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Burn Ban Status

3/22/16: McClain County is not currently under a burn ban. Always use caution when operating a controlled burn, and notify your fire department or 911 call center prior to burning.


Burn Permits Required

The burn ban for McClain County has been lifted, but residents are reminded that they need to obtain a burn permit prior to burning brush. Burning of house-hold trash is NOT legal anywhere in Oklahoma.

McClain County is a Storm-Ready Community

HOT Weather Ahead… Are You Ready?

Death from heat is the leading cause of nature-related deaths in the US.  ALWAYS monitor temperatures, and avoid working in high heat/humidity conditions.  A heat index of over 100 could lead to health problems, so monitor your activities, check on the elderly, and keep your body hydrated.  If you “feel thirsty”, you should have consumed

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Weather Bulletins


Pets and Weather

Pet owners are being encouraged to bring their animals inside during inclement weather. Always be sure that your pet has adequate water, and protection from the wind and elements. Never leave your pet un-attended in a parked car....

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Storm Shelter Registration

Register your home or business’s storm shelter so first responders can find you in the event of an emergency! Fill out this form and we’ll enter your storm shelter into the registry.


Helpful Resources

Find the help you need and the resources you’re searching for in this list of contact information for the county.

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