McClain County Roadwork

McClain County Road Districts appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the construction process.  McClain County Commissioners and Road Crews want you to be safe.  Please, slow down and pay attention to signs near construction areas.  Below is a list of scheduled construction by McClain County Road Districts throughout the county.  You may download the PDF version of the maps shown below.  



District 3 – Council Road from 180th North

Council Road will be shutdown starting at 180th to approximately 1/10 of a mile north. Council Road will be shut down from Monday, January 8th, to Thursday, January 18th.  20180108_Council Road North of 180th_map





District 2 – 220th St. Bridge Rehabilitation Construction

Rehabilitation Construction to begin on January 2nd, 2018, on the bridge located on 220th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and May Avenue.  Road will be closed for approximately 10 days so please find an alternate route.  20171228_220th St Bridge Rehabilitation_map





District 2 – 240th West of Washington 

Beginning Monday, January 8th, weather permitting, 240th street 2 miles west of Washington will be closed for approximately 120 days for bridge construction.

McClain County District 2 ask that all traffic try to utilize May Avenue as an alternate route.  You may use May Avenue to access 74B to the north or State Highway 39 to the south.   20180108_240th west of Washington_map





District 2 – Bridge on Dibble Creek Road North of Dibble

Starting Thursday, January 11th, 2018, work will begin on Bridge #221 located 2 tenths of a mile north of Dibble on Dibble Creek Road.  The roadway and bridge will be closed for rehabilitation for approximately 4 weeks.  Please find an alternate route.    D2_Bridge Rehabilitation on Dibble Creek Road_map